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top loader washing machine We have come a long way since the days of the washboard!  While the concept of the washing machine has been around for quite some time, early models included a hand-operated stick inside a box.  These machines were certainly not the easy and efficient machines we use today.  And you can imagine that a task we hardly enjoy today was held in even lower esteem when it required exhausting plunging, scrubbing, and wringing!

Washing machines are devices designed to clean clothes and other household textiles such as bed sheets and bath towels.  These latter items, collectively known as laundry, are sorted into baskets of light colored items and dark colored items, respectively.  The light colored items are loaded into the washing machine, along with detergent, and perhaps bleach.  The launderer or laundress turns the appropriate dials, presses the start button, and presto!  The washing machine automatically fills itself with water, agitates the laundry items to cleanse them from dirt, rinses them with fresh water, and spins them to remove excess water from them.  The dark colored items are processed similarly, except that bleach is not normally used.

front loader washing machine at a laundromat There are several different types of washing machines.  The common top loaders are the most economical machines and also feature the shortest wash cycle.  Top loaders feature a vertical fin located in the middle of the tub.  High-efficiency top loaders, featuring a drum without any fin, are somewhat more expensive, but they are known for their energy efficiency, high spin speeds, and larger capacity.  Front loaders, the most high-end washing machines, have the largest capacity, use less water and energy, and feature gentle and quiet operation.  Front loading washing machines are usually stackable, an important benefit to people with small laundry spaces.  Some front loading machines are purported to improve cleaning, sanitize fabrics, and remove stains via their steam modes.

clothes washer and dryer Washing machines range in price, depending upon their capacity and the features they offer.  While three water levels are the norm, some machines boast more than four water levels.  Most washing machines have a variety of cycle and setting combinations.  Some commercial grade washing machines have extra large capacities, and washers designed for laundromat use are usually coin operated.

Washers and matching dryers are available in various sizes, color choices, and energy efficiency ratings.  Here on WashingMachines.us, you will find links to washing machine manufacturers and information resources to help you select the ideal laundry appliances for your household.  In particular, you may wish to visit the U.S. federal government's Energy Star website, which describes how energy costs can be reduced by using Energy Star qualified clothes washers

Washing Machine Manufacturers

  • Kenmore Laundry Products
    Laundry line includes top load and front load washers, dryers, laundry centers, and accessories.
  • Whirlpool
    Offers a broad selection of front-loading and top-loading washers.
  • Maytag
    Major home appliance manufacturer offers a wide range of washing machines.
  • GE Appliances
    Offers high-efficiency washers, top-load washers, portable and stationary washers, and a unitized washer and dryer.
  • Bosch Washers
    Laundry appliances that are smart, high performance, and easy to use.
  • Amana
    Large-capacity washers let you fit more laundry in a load.
  • Frigidaire
    Laundry products offering the design, convenience, and performance most requested by consumers.
  • Miele
    European-design washing machines offering durability, reliability, and convenience.
  • LG Electronics
    This home appliance manufacturer offers front loading washers and combination washer/dryers.

Commercial Washing Machines

  • Speed Queen
    Manufacturer of commercial and residential laundry equipment, including coin operated washers and tumble dryers for laundromats.
  • Staber
    Offers energy-efficient, horizontal-axis washing machines that combine a convenient top loading design with the efficiency of a front loader.
  • UniMac
    Provider of commercial washing machines, tumble dryers, and ironers for on-premises laundry facilities.

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